An Effective Guide to Buying a Commercial Dishwasher

An Effective Guide to Buying a Commercial Dishwasher

Being in the food service industry, you always need to put cleanliness and sanitation on top of your priorities, especially when it comes to the dishes and utensils you use. This is why purchasing a commercial dishwasher should be one of your first investments when putting together your commercial kitchen.

The good news is, there are different types of commercial dishwashers for you to choose from depending on your needs and budget. However, the amount of options can also make your choice overwhelming. This guide will show you all the considerations that you need to know in buying the best commercial dishwasher for your needs.


The Types of Commercial Dishwashers

First on your list of considerations is the type of commercial dishwasher that will best suit your business. Some of your best options on the market include:

  • Glasswashers: These are designed specifically to wash different types of glasses and cups that you use for serving beverages in your restaurant or catering business. Lamber, for instance, has a range of top-quality glasswashers with different capacities and sizes, so you can choose one that would fit your space.
  • Undercounter Dishwashers: These types of dishwashers are best used for smaller kitchens since you can put them under your counter, so they don’t get in the way of your team working.
  • Door-Type Dishwashers: If you have the dish pit setup in your kitchen, you could benefit from having a door-type dishwasher that will allow you to wash and organise your dishes conveniently.
  • Conveyor-Type Dishwashers: If space is not a problem in your kitchen and you have a lot of dishes and pots to wash on a daily basis, you can invest in a conveyor type dishwasher that’s a lot more convenient for your team since everything goes through a conveyor belt, so they don’t need to move things from one machine to another.


The Size of Your Dishwasher

Th size of your commercial dishwasher will highly depend on the amount of space that you have for it. The layout of your commercial kitchen should be planned strategically to utilise every square footage and ensure that everything will flow well once you start operations. This is why you need to think ahead about where you’re going to put your commercial dishwasher and take necessary measurements to make your decision easier.


The Utility Requirements

Before purchasing any appliance or equipment, you need to plan everything out, so you get the full functionality of your kitchen, especially when it comes to utility requirements. Commercial dishwashers require a lot of energy to function continuously, so you need to make sure that your electrical system can cater to that need before you shop for anything.

It’s also very important to think about your drains and pipes for your dishwasher to work properly and follow building code standards. This is when you can call an electrician and plumber to prepare your space for your commercial dishwasher.


The Capacity of Your Dishwasher

Since your commercial dishwasher will be one of the most used appliances in your home, you need to consider how much capacity you need to ensure that your operations will run smoothly. You don’t want your guests to be waiting for a long time just because you don’t have any clean dishes. When it comes to capacity, it’s very important to choose a commercial dishwasher that’s just right for your needs, not more or less. Investing in a dishwasher with more capacity than you need will only take up unnecessary space in your kitchen and make you spend more money.

Higher capacity commercial dishwashers also use more energy, so you can expect higher utility costs if you use them. But if you’re in the catering business or you run a big restaurant with a huge seating capacity, it might be smart to go for a higher capacity model.


The Speed of Your Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers run at different speeds depending on the capacity and model. You need to choose one that can keep up with how you run your kitchen. If you’re serving a lot of diners at once and you want food to come out fast, you need a commercial dishwasher that can deliver clean dishes within a minute or two, so your kitchen won’t have to be put on a halt just because your dishes are dirty.


The Energy Usage of Your Dishwasher

You need to take into account energy usage whenever you buy any kitchen appliance and not just a commercial dishwasher because you don’t want to spend most of your earnings on utility bills. HE2020 offers a wide range of Lamber commercial dishwashers that are not only efficient in washing your dishes but also help you reduce your utility bills because they require lesser energy than other brands. This is why it’s very important to do your research first, so you know which commercial dishwasher has lesser energy usage.


The Noise Level of Your Dishwasher

Most commercial dishwashers, especially the bigger ones, will make a lot of noise. This is why it’s a must that you do your research first, so that you’ll know which units generate a lesser noise and protect your team from working in a very noisy kitchen. Look for product information and read reviews to make sure that you are investing in the right commercial dishwasher that can operate quietly or at a more tolerable noise level.


The Takeaway

It’s a cold hard fact: buying a commercial dishwasher isn’t the cheapest, so you really need to make sure that you’re investing in something that will last you for many years and one that will serve your kitchen and your team well. Take time to do your research, find the right supplier and don’t jump into a purchase just because it’s cheap. Quality should always come first even if it means paying more for your purchase. You will thank yourself in the long run if you avoid any hassles because of a broken dishwasher. Buy top quality dishwashers for your hospitality business only at HE2020. Call us to get a quote.

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