Buyer’s Guide on Buying a Commercial Vegetable Washer

Buyer’s Guide on Buying a Commercial Vegetable Washer

When putting together a commercial kitchen, many people usually focus on finding the right freezers, fridges, ovens, and other food preparation equipment. All of these equipment are undeniably important, but if you own and/or manage a hospitality business, remember that these are not the only appliances that you should invest in! To make your commercial kitchen more streamlined and functional, you’ll also want to get a high-quality commercial vegetable washer.


What Is a Vegetable Washer?

Vegetable washers are essentially designed to automate the fruit and vegetable washing process. Whereas the traditional food preparation process requires you to have at least one or two staff members assigned to just wash fresh produce, the modern vegetable washer simply requires you to put fruits and vegetables into its stainless-steel basket—and it will take care of the rest!


Your fresh produce will be given a good wash to remove dust, soil, and other pollutants, and they will go through a drying cycle to ensure that they won’t get soggy and that they will be ready for slicing, dicing, and more. Vegetable washers can be used to clean all types of fresh produce, so whether you need romaine lettuce for salads or you’re preparing sweet potatoes and other tubers for a main dish, you can use your commercial vegetable washer machine to wash and clean your ingredients.


Why Should You Get a Vegetable Washer for Your Business?

One of the biggest benefits of using a vegetable washer is that it can help you save time. Most vegetable washing machines are designed to complete the washing and drying cycles in just a few minutes, which means that your produce will be ready for cooking for baking in just a short while. This is greatly important in hospitality businesses that get a lot of foot traffic and handle large volumes of orders in a day.


Aside from helping you save time, your commercial vegetable washer can also help you save money. Automating the fruit and vegetable washing process means that you can assign your workers to other tasks, ensuring that you can maximise your labour costs and spend less on hourly wages in the long run. So, while buying a vegetable washer might result to a large upfront expense, it’s actually worth the cost considering the long-term savings that it can provide.


Another benefit of buying a vegetable washer: it removes the guesswork from the washing process! Since the washing and drying cycles are pre-programmed, you know that your produce will be given a good clean and that they’ll be free of mud, insects, and other pollutants. Of course, you’re assured that they won’t be over-cleaned and become too limp and soggy to use.


Choosing the Right Make and Model

When buying vegetable washers, one thing that you should consider is their capacity. Find one that’s large enough to clean an amount of the fruits and vegetables that you typically use in one batch of cooking. This way, you won’t have to run your washer more frequently than necessary, which means that you can keep your energy consumption at a minimum while protecting your washer from too much wear and tear.


You should also consider the actual dimensions of the vegetable washer. Make sure that it can easily pass through your kitchen’s doors and hallways and that it can fit in the corner where you’re planning to place it.


Take the time to compare prices as well. It’s not advisable to buy a vegetable washer based on its price tag alone, but it’s still a good idea to check the price of makes and models that catch your eye and compare it with those of other similar makes and models.


It’s also important to consider the costs not just of the vegetable washer itself but also of other associated expenses. Find out how much the installation fee will be, and remember to ask about the maintenance costs over the equipment’s lifespan.


Don’t forget to read reviews of the make and model that you’re eyeing! Reading genuine customer reviews is important since it will give you an idea of how the equipment performs in real life and learn about any issues that it might have in terms of functionality, longevity, ease of use, and more.


Where to Find the Ideal Vegetable Washer

There are many companies that offer commercial vegetable washers, but you can find one of the best options here at HE2020. Our commercial vegetable washer machine has a stainless-steel construction that includes double skin with insulation, so it can withstand constant wear and tear and stay in good condition for many years. It has a capacity of 50/60 kg/h for leafy vegetables and 180/225 kg/h for fruit and tubers, which is large enough for most commercial kitchens.


Our commercial vegetable washer has a wash cycle of 1 to 2 minutes along with a drying cycle of 1 to 90 seconds. It’s designed to have a completely automatic cycle, which reduces the need for manual handling of the produce and helps you save a substantial amount of time and labour. The automatic cycle also promotes optimal hygiene in your commercial kitchen and helps you reduce the risk for cross-contamination and food poisoning.


We’re fully confident in the quality, durability and performance of our commercial vegetable washer, so we don’t hesitate to provide a comprehensive 12-month labour warranty along with a 24-month warranty for parts. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your vegetable washer can be easily repaired if ever you’ll run into any issues with it down the road.


Get in Touch with Us

A commercial vegetable washer machine is one of the best equipment that you can get for your hospitality business. If you are ready to buy one for your commercial kitchen, make sure to reach out to HE2020! Our friendly and helpful employees are always ready to walk you through your options, explain the features of our vegetable washers, and help you make the best possible buying decision. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our products and ask for a quote!

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