Helpful Tips on Buying the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Helpful Tips on Buying the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Every purchase you make for your food and hospitality business is an investment for your future. Whether it’s a simple commercial kitchen work bench or a heavy-duty commercial convection oven, you need to make sure that you’re investing in something that can withstand long hours of use without constantly breaking down.


To help you make the right choice for your commercial kitchen equipment, here are some important factors that you need to consider:


The Suitability of Your Kitchen Equipment: A lot of first-time business owners make the mistake of using domestic kitchen equipment in a commercial kitchen. But you need to remember that home appliances are only designed for home cooking and short-term use. A commercial kitchen demands durable, heavy-duty equipment that can be used continuously for a long time and with little maintenance.


For instance, if you have pizza on your menu, you’ll need a commercial pizza prep fridge that can accommodate the number of pizzas that you’ll be making every day. You’ll also need a heavy-duty commercial ice maker to ensure that you’re sending out cold drinks to your customers.


Manufacturers of domestic appliances will also not honour warranties for products used industrially, so it’s best to choose commercial kitchen equipment that suits your business needs.


The Energy Efficiency of Your Kitchen Equipment: When experts tell you to invest in good quality commercial kitchen equipment, it’s not only for durability, efficiency and longevity. Top-of-the-line kitchen equipment are also more energy efficient than cheaper ones in most cases. According to research, a commercial kitchen consumes at least 2.5 times more energy per square foot than any other commercial establishment. But when you invest in high quality kitchen equipment like a commercial glass washer, commercial convection oven or tilting boiling pan, you could reduce your utility bills by up to 20% as compared to choosing cheaper kitchen equipment that consumes more energy and can hurt you financially in the long run.


The Purpose of Your Kitchen Equipment: Whether you’re in the food or hospitality business, you have to determine first what types of kitchen equipment you need for your operations and the capacity of each appliance. For instance, if you’re running a bar, then you will expect the constant need for ice that will be part of the drinks that you serve. This means that you’ll also need a high-quality commercial ice maker Australia that can produce huge amounts of ice every day to meet your demand.


On the other hand, if you run a catering business where you have to cook large batches of food during events, it would be wise to invest in a commercial vegetable washer that will make your job a lot easier. Make a list of requirements for every kitchen equipment you need based on how you operate your business.


The Safety of Your Kitchen Equipment: A commercial kitchen is one of the most intense workspaces that you’ll ever see. The combination of both people and equipment working in a hot environment can be the perfect place for a disaster. This is why it’s very important to always consider quality over price because it also means that you can guarantee the safety of your team.


If you don’t have a huge budget to work with, invest in the most vital commercial kitchen equipment first and slowly buy other appliances as you start earning from your business. For instance, if you need an ice maker more than a fridge, go for the best commercial ice maker Australia and invest in the fridge later on. It’s also very important to consider food safety requirements when buying commercial kitchen equipment to avoid any penalties and health offenses that could cause serious damages to your business.


The Longevity of Your Kitchen Equipment: Of course, you’d want to invest in something that will last you for many years and without the need for constant maintenance and repairs.  This is when quality really counts, especially because your kitchen appliances have to be used frequently and for long hours almost every day. Before you go out there and start shopping, make sure that you do some research to know your non-negotiables first. Check your options for commercial blast chiller, for instance, and compare their specifications so you can decide on the right one for your needs.


It's also crucial that you find the most reputable commercial kitchen equipment supplier that has everything you need and can give you options based on your budget. By working with just one supplier, you can cut down the time you need to spend on finding products and checking their quality because you already have everything in one place.


If it’s your first time buying commercial kitchen equipment, it’s also best to ask around for recommendations, so you know exactly what commercial combi ovens Australia will best suit the demands of your kitchen, for instance. Even if you pay more for quality, you are saving a lot of money if your appliance last longer than if you bought something cheaper that broke down after a few months of use. You could even put your operations at risk by buying something that constantly need repairs.


The Bottomline: Running a food and hospitality business is definitely demanding because your reputation will always rely on the quality of food and drinks you put out to customers. This is why investing in the best kitchen equipment matters a lot because you will give your team the opportunity to work more efficiently and safely, so they can also produce the best food for your customers every day. Consider these factors and make sure that you do ample research before jumping on a deal for any type of kitchen equipment you need for your commercial kitchen. Remember that you’re not just investing for today, but you’re also investing for the future of your business. Call us at 02 9637 3737 or email us at to ask for any commercial equipment quotation.

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