Is It Time for New Commercial Kitchen Equipment? Here Are the Signs

Is It Time for New Commercial Kitchen Equipment? Here Are the Signs

A commercial kitchen is one of the most intense work environments that you’ll find in any industry. With so much pressure to deliver excellent service every time, you need to make sure that both your kitchen equipment and your team are in sync to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.


But if your convection oven or fridge begins to break down, it can affect the flow of your entire kitchen. Over time, this can lead to inconsistencies with your food, dissatisfaction from your customers and eventually, huge losses and even the failure of your business. As a restaurateur, you’re responsible for making sure that all your cooking equipment are in good working order, so you can run a successful kitchen every day.  Here are the signs that it’s time to invest in new commercial kitchen equipment:


You’re Spending More on Maintenance and Repairs: Every equipment plays a crucial role in the flow of your operations.  So just imagine if your convection oven suddenly breaks down in the middle of dinner service. That will put your entire kitchen on a halt since a lot of proteins and vegetables are cooked in that oven. To address the problem, you’ll need to have it checked by professionals, so you can continue with service.


If you notice that you’re already spending a lot on constant maintenance and repairs, that could be a sign that you need to just invest in new equipment. Frequent breakdown is a sign that your equipment is already worn out and no amount of repairs can get it back to its optimal condition.


You’re Already Risking Your Team’s Safety: With so much heat and pressure inside a commercial kitchen, all your equipment needs to be in good working order to ensure that there are no risks to your team’s safety. Unfortunately, as your oven, fridge and other appliances age, their risks also increase, and it’s your responsibility to identify kitchen equipment that’s no longer safe to operate.


You can hire a kitchen equipment specialist to check all your appliances and identify those that are already so worn out that they need replacement. You can even tell what needs to be disposed by checking for things such as missing switches, malfunctioning buttons and bare wires.


Your Utility Bills are Increasing: One of the disadvantages of using old kitchen equipment is that they consume more power as they age, and you already know that restaurant equipment can consume up to twice as much energy than the average commercial space. And as you use them more and more, they also require more energy to function properly, which means that you’ll be spending more on electricity bills on top of frequent repairs.


Although you’re trying to save money, there comes a time when it’s smarter to invest in a new kitchen equipment like convection ovens, fridges and boiling pans because they’ll help you cut your energy costs by as much as 25%. You’ll also save money on a one-time investment as compared to wasting money on constant maintenance and repairs.


You’re Having a Hard Time Sourcing Spare Parts: Because restaurant and hospitality industries are very competitive, kitchen equipment manufacturers constantly release new models that feature more advanced technologies and features. So, if you’re still using old kitchen equipment, you might have a hard time looking for spare parts and if they’re available, they tend to be more expensive than newer parts.


Replacing old kitchen equipment with a newer model will not only ensure that your kitchen can function continuously, but you’ll also guarantee that you’ll have the necessary parts available if you need to repair them in the future. Most of these appliances also come with warranties, so you don’t need to worry about repair expenses later on.


You’ve Already Changed Your Menu: As a restaurant, you need to constantly innovate your menu to keep up with the competition and continue to satisfy your customers. A major menu change can also mean that you’ll need to replace old kitchen equipment to cater to the new demands of your kitchen and even add new appliances, so you can deliver good quality food from your new menu.


Make sure to do some extensive research first, so you’ll know exactly what type of kitchen equipment to purchase and how it can fit into your existing system.


Your Kitchen is Not Performing Well Anymore: Even the best kitchen equipment will not last you forever, no matter how meticulous you are in using and maintaining it.  Since kitchen appliances go through so much on almost a daily basis, they will start to perform less after a few years of usage. But since you’ll need a fully functional kitchen that can continue to keep up with your needs, you have to include replacements as part of your future plans.


If you have no idea what type of kitchen appliance to get, you can refer to our team of professionals who can assist you in your buying experience. You’ll get to have options for each appliance that you need depending on your specific business requirements and of course, your budget. Remember that good quality kitchen equipment will always be a smart investment for your commercial kitchen because it will allow your team to work seamlessly and deliver good quality food consistently. After all, your reputation will rely a lot on how satisfied customers are with your service.


The Bottomline: Investing in new kitchen equipment is part of making sure that you can run a successful commercial kitchen. So, if you’re beginning to notice these warning signs or you just feel that your kitchen equipment has already served their purpose well, don’t think twice about looking at your options for newer models that will allow you to be competitive. After all, you can’t fall behind in such a fierce industry like restaurant and hospitality. Get in touch with HE2020 to learn about your options.

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