Know the Different Types of Ovens Before Making a Purchase

Know the Different Types of Ovens Before Making a Purchase

Are you excited to put up a new café, bar or restaurant and need some appliances to make the operations smooth and fast in the kitchen? Then know first the product before buying. And since the centre piece of a kitchen is the commercial oven, there are some things you need to put into consideration before buying one. Depending on the nature of your business, you need to look at which type of commercial oven fits your purpose, and that includes the functions or uses, features, dimensions, heat sources, and other specifications.


A. Types of Ovens Depending on Heat Distribution: here are the following oven types you need to look at before buying.

Conventional Oven 

Just like a stove, the heat source of a conventional oven is at the bottom and it’s stationary. The built-in heat sources are situated on top of the stove. This is a reliable oven that’s ideal for baking and cooking. Placing the dish close to the heat source allows your food to cook the fastest. 

Convection Oven 

The convection oven is also called a thermal oven. It has the capability to cook dish from all directions of the oven. Thus, baking and roasting will be evenly cooked. The convection oven is an amazing kitchen equipment because it has a built-in electric fan that distributes heat for evenly cooked dishes, but if the fan fails to work or too small, then it would result to uneven baking.  


B. Types of Ovens Based on Heat Energy Sources: there are a variety of oven types that you can find with unique energy source.  

Electric Oven 

This is the most common equipment because it provides you more convenience, ease of operation and cost-efficiency. In fact, you will not be burdened when it comes to your monthly electricity payments. And since it provides dry heat, this is the right oven for roasting. You can explore more electric ovens at Hospitality Equipment Pty Ltd. 

Gas Oven 

One of the most popular ovens for use in baking is the gas oven. This kind of oven provides “moist” heat, and because of its kind of heat it produces, it avoids your food from making it too dry. This is a more efficient and simpler way to maintain oven but cost a little higher than the electric one. 

Steam Oven 

Those times when people like slow cooking, the commercial combi steam oven became a sought-after appliance. This type of oven has a water container and boiler spot that creates hot steam. This process cooks food with the use of less oil and less risk of producing dry dish. But it’s a little costly. 

Traditional Oven 

When we hear “traditional”, we often refer it to something old. In this case, it’s the stone or brick ovens, which is large and uses wood as its energy source. These types of equipment are what you can see in commercial pizza parlours. It’s not a practical use for home, but it’s perfect for commercial restaurants and pizza houses. At HE2020, you can purchase the woodfired pizza oven if you opt for a much modern one. 


C. Types of Ovens Based on Size: another factor when choosing ovens is based on its unique size.  

Single Oven 

This type of oven is a common equipment for small business use because of its average cooking frequencies. Usually, it has cooking modes for baking, grilling and roasting. This oven can be put under a stove or placed at an eye-level cabinet especially when you have a tight space.  

Double Oven 

When you have a double oven, you can cook two dishes at the same time because it has various temperature settings that allow you to do so. Its purpose is for big families or if you have occasions. This equipment saves you much time because of its features. Double ovens come in two types, the convection oven and the conduction oven. However, before making a purchase, ensure that you understand its controllers, so you’ll not be confused in operating. 

Triple Oven 

A triple oven somehow looks like a double oven but it’s equipped with spaces that are divided. For instance, you have two spaces on top to cook flat dishes while there’s an extra room for roasting chicken or baking. This ultra-convenient unit has the capability to bake, broil and microwave. Amazing, isn’t it?  


D. Types of Ovens Based on Features: the modern ovens now provide distinct features and wide functions. Check out the additional features of different oven types based on your purpose.

Self-Cleaning Oven 

There are ovens that offer self-cleaning features like programmable commercial combi ovens from HE2020. Having this feature helps you minimise residues that are difficult for manual ovens to clean. It has insulation that is important in the process of cleaning. But you should remove large crumbs in the oven before using the cleaning function because it may cause smoke and burnt smell from the oven. 

Delay Feature 

When you utilise the automatic feature, you can delay the time of cooking. This feature allows it to turn off automatically when it has reached the cooking level set. It’s perfect for commercial kitchens that have busy operations or for those who usually forget they are cooking. 

Oven with Wi-Fi 

Smart appliances now have built-in Wi-Fi feature. When your oven has this capability, you can utilise the cooking-related functions through your smart phone especially if you are far from the kitchen.  

Multifunction Oven 

This is the most needed cooking feature if you have a commercial kitchen business. It allows you to achieve the best result whatever dish you are cooking. There are two or more cooking styles for whatever you prefer, so if you opt for fast cooking or slow cooking, defrosting, grilling, etc., you can greatly depend on multifunction ovens.  


Now that you are aware of the various types of ovens for commercial kitchen use, and even for household use, you can now start shopping and lay out your choices that fit your needs and budget. We suggest for you to look at our wide range of Lava Range Ovens collection and accessories. You may also call us at 02 9637 3737 or email us at for a quotation. 

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