Making a Big Impact on Your Food Business with a Catchy Kitchen Design

Making a Big Impact on Your Food Business with a Catchy Kitchen Design

If you plan to put up a new restaurant, cafeteria or bar or simply want to level up the look of your current restaurant that would easily capture the diners’ attention to come in, there are a lot of things you need to plan, consider, or think about. One of the most important is having a stunning kitchen design.


Having a well-planned kitchen design is important in the efficiency of your hospitality business and vital to having a great customer experience. And when you have a brilliant design along with innovative kitchen equipment, it allows your back of house or BOH team to prepare top-quality dishes with ease while improving staff efficiency, which promotes a better dining experience for your customers.


Moreover, acquiring a suitable kitchen layout can help you focus in improving your business operation and gain the attention of more potential customers to come to visit and experience your delectable food and best service. If you believe now is the best time to improve your kitchen space, contact a specialist in commercial kitchen design like Hospitality Equipment 2020 Pty Ltd. Here at HE2020, we have great and unique kitchen design ideas you need to see which are perfect for your preferred theme. 


There are wonderful kitchen designs that can be laid out which fit your theme. For instance, if you want to put up a buffet restaurant, a burger junction, steak house, food factory, club or cocktail bar, wood-fired pizza place, canteen and so on, we can provide the best designs for that. We have a full range of kitchen design ideas that have functions that you want your kitchen to achieve.

  • Storage Area – a restaurant design like ours includes ample storage space for your cooking equipment and dry goods, cupboards for your dishes and utensils, and space for perishable items like chillers, ice makers, and other kinds of commercial refrigeration.

  • Food Preparation Area – space is important when it comes to planning out a kitchen design because you must consider some guests that have strict diet restrictions or allergies, so you need to have a separate design for that. You will need space too for cutting and washing ingredients. With this regard, we can agree with the contractor about the site measurement of your food prep area.

  • Cooking Station – the design of where the food is produced should include spaces for appropriate cooking equipment, oven range, prep stations, shelving and workbenches like the ones HE2020 Depending on the type of food you serve, you might also consider an additional space design for special dishes.

  • Service Area – once the food is cooked and plated, it is handed to food servers to the restaurant’s service area. So a design that’s close to the dining area is needed to provide less time for the staff to serve the customers.

  • Dish Return Area – an appropriate design for the dish return space is needed so your front-of-house (FOH) staff can drop off the used utensils and plates, and it’s not only a space for the dirty dishes to be washed but also a place where leftovers must be disposed.

  • Cleaning Area - a design where cleaners can do their job well is needed for your kitchen because there is a lot of cleaning that goes when you have a hospitality business. The design includes spaces for vegetable washers, commercial dishwashers, drying racks, sinks, condensers, water filters and pressure storage tanks.

  • Delivery Area – it is vital to have a design for delivery areas where the loading and unloading of your equipment and supplies happen. The design should be near the storage areas so you can avoid any spills during the process of offloading.


Aside from the functions that you need in producing your kitchen design, there are several types of layouts to have a convenient, safe, and functional kitchen. Here are some of the most common commercial kitchen layouts:


        1. Assembly Line – this type of layout has a central row that starts with the food prep and ends in the service area. If you have various cooks assigned to different food production such as in pizza parlours and fast-food restaurants, then this layout works for you.

        2. Island – this ring layout has a cooking station in the centre while the storage units, food prep counters and washing stations are in its perimeter. This setup is suitable for kitchens with spacious areas, so the island won’t be an obstacle to the back-of-the-house (BOH) team.

        3. Zone-Style – this layout creates various zones for any activity that goes in the kitchen. For instance, there is a station for meat or a soup and salad station and some have the baking station. This is suitable for those who want to have an organized kitchen and have someone assigned in each zone. An example of these are the catering or event spaces.

        4. Galley – if you prefer to have this layout, then expect the design to have all stations and equipment on the kitchen perimeter. This is suitable for those kitchens with tight spaces like food trucks.

        5. Open Kitchen – this type of layout allows your customers to see what’s behind the scenes, but it is best to have a design with a glass partition between the service area and guest area for safety purposes. Having an open kitchen keeps the guests entertained, and usually, high-end restaurants or dining areas with small spaces is best for this design.

        Now if you have thought about which design and layout work best for your commercial kitchen space, consider adding the latest combi ovens, high-tech dishwashers, energy-efficient refrigeration, and top-of-the-line stainless steel equipment from the trusted brands so you can now have complete kitchen space and put your focus entirely on improving your restaurant business. Contact us now at 02 96373737 or e-mail us at, and we will discuss about your design.

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