Starting a Restaurant Business? Here Are the Essential Equipment That You Must Get for Running Your Commercial Kitchen Efficiently

Starting a Restaurant Business? Here Are the Essential Equipment That You Must Get for Running Your Commercial Kitchen Efficiently

Thinking of starting a restaurant this year or next? If you are, you probably have a lengthy To-Do list that includes finding the right space to rent, hiring capable and experienced staff, and coming up with an attention-grabbing menu that your customers would love. All of these are important steps to take, but you shouldn’t stop there! To ensure that your business will be successful, you should also obtain all the equipment that your restaurant needs to efficiently run on a daily basis.



Why Getting the Right Equipment Should Be a Priority

One of the biggest reasons to fully equip your commercial kitchen is that it allows you to streamline your processes. This means that your staff can complete cooking, cleaning, and washing tasks in a fast and efficient way and save a significant amount of time. It also means that you can get food to the customers’ table ASAP, and guarantee their full satisfaction.


Another reason to invest in the ideal restaurant equipment is that it lets you create a safe environment for your staff. Modern equipment are designed with user safety in mind, which means that your employees can focus on completing their tasks and providing your customers with world-class food and service—without having to worry about accidents.


Having the right equipment can also be a good thing for your business’s bottom line. By streamlining your food preparation processes, you can create an enjoyable dining experience for your customers and encourage them to come back and perhaps even recommend your restaurant to their friends and family. These, in turn, can help you maximize your restaurant seating and generate higher revenues and profits.



Investing in Modern Kitchen Equipment

When starting a restaurant, one of the first things you should do is to purchase the best possible kitchen equipment. We’ve listed some of them below:

  1. Refrigeration Equipment

Fridges, freezers, and other refrigeration equipment should be at the top of your list since they’re the key to properly storing perishable items and extending their lifespan. Through these machines, you can prevent food waste and avoid wasting money on ingredients and food items that you won’t get to use.

If your restaurant serves wine, beer or other types of drinks, you’ll want to get back bar fridges so you can store your beverages at the right temperatures. Front bar fridges are also a good investment since they allow you to display drinks in an attractive way and make them more visible to your customers.

  1. Commercial Ovens and Ranges

Aside from investing in quality refrigeration equipment, you should also purchase commercial ovens and ranges for your restaurant kitchen. As much as possible, look for multipurpose equipment that are designed to cook food in different ways; this way, you can save time and money without compromising on food quality. Combi ovens are some of the best examples since they’re capable of doing steam cooking, convection cooking, and combination cooking and can be used to bake, braise, roast, sous vide, and oven-fry a wide range of dishes.

  1. Commercial Dishwashers and Glasswashers

These are a must-have since they allow you to have continuous access to clean dishes, glasses and cutlery at all times and ensure that you won’t run out of plates and utensils to use. Glasswashers, in particular, are an excellent investment for bars, coffee shops, and other businesses that serve numerous drinks per day.

  1. Commercial Sinks

You’ll also want to install commercial sinks in your kitchen so you can easily wash dishes as well as clean fresh produce and make them ready for cooking. Take note that business health regulations in your area might specify the type of sink (e.g., double sinks or triple sinks) that your commercial kitchen must have, so familiarize yourself with these regulations and ensure that your restaurant is compliant with them.



Getting the Right Front-of-House Equipment

Most people will judge your restaurant not only by the quality of food that you offer but also by how your dining room looks and feels. Because of this, you must ensure that your front-of-house equipment is durable and aesthetically pleasing, and that it’s ready to impress your guests.


Dining tables and chairs are some of the most basic and most important elements of your dining room. If your restaurant has a theme, make sure that your chairs and tables are congruent to the theme so you can create a unified and cohesive look and feel. Even if you don’t have a restaurant theme, you’ll still want to ensure that your tables and chairs are attractive and comfortable to use. They should also be easy to clean so you won’t have to spend too much time on maintenance, and you can keep them presentable for a long time.


It's also essential to invest in modern point-of-sale systems. This way, your customers can easily pay for their meal, and you can provide them with a smooth, seamless, and hassle-free experience. The right POS system will also make it easy for you to track your sales, balance your books, and detect any discrepancies in your accounts. It can likewise help you with properly managing your stock and inventory, which can lead to less food waste and more savings on ingredient purchases.


Aside from buying the right chairs, tables and POS system, you’ll also want to invest in other front-of-house equipment that will create the ideal dining environment for your customers. These include silverware, glassware, linen napkins, tablecloths, condiment dispensers, menu boards, and decorations (e.g., table centre pieces and wall art).



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