Tips on Making Your Commercial Kitchen More Efficient

Tips on Making Your Commercial Kitchen More Efficient

With the recent crisis going on, staying on the right profitable track in the restaurant industry is not easy. However, having an efficient commercial kitchen will certainly alleviate your chances. Whether you own a restaurant, planning to put up a small bar, or someone who is considering a coffee shop investment, a commercial kitchen is the heart of your business. For any hospitality-related line of work, kitchens play several vital roles in the future of your endeavours.

Mismanaged kitchens often lead to minor problems and even cause serious issues such as accidents and injuries to staff. By making your commercial kitchens better with the help of Hospitality Equipment Pty Ltd, operations will be more convenient and safer. It would make your employees or staff perform in their best service possible and increase their productivity. Customer satisfaction is also a hundred percent assured.

Below are some of the most helpful tips and recommendations on how to make your commercial kitchens highly organised and efficient.


  • Create Efficient Workstations

Workstations are the backbone of productiveness in your commercial kitchen. Depending on your budget and the size of your restaurant, workstations are needed for specific reasons. Its most notable effect is it promotes orderliness. Having appropriate workstations technically mean your kitchen operations will run smoothly, and unwanted situations like staff bumping into each other that might cause other problems will surely be avoided.

A good commercial kitchen design includes workstations that are recommended by restaurant consultants and experts like HE2020­­—cleaning, preparation, food storage, non-food storage and cooking station. Every station should be placed following where it can be best allocated to serve its purpose. For instance, cleaning stations should be placed near where all the washing-related commercial kitchen equipment is situated. The prep stations should be exactly where the raw goods, ingredients and essential cooking products can be found in for faster and easier preparation.

Moreover, always remind your staff and workers to practice proper and appropriate organisation of every single kitchenware, tool, cooking material, and piece of equipment in every workstation. Before and after every use, commercial cooking equipment should be cleaned and placed correctly in its appropriate storage. Without proper system and handling, the workflow will descend in unprecedented ways. Using quality commercial kitchen equipment is the key to business prosperity, so it's just right to handle them in the best way possible.


  • Organize Your Kitchen Layout

The very first step in making your commercial kitchen design more efficient is coming up with a good kitchen layout. Before investing in a restaurant business, the kitchen layout should be the first thing to be considered. When hospitality business owners fail to notice some lapses in their kitchen layout, it would result to having poor kitchen operations.

With a good kitchen layout, you can increase the probability of success in your overall operations. Negative customer feedback, immobility, constraints and delays in your operation could happen if your kitchen layout is not a commendable one. Having a commercial kitchen design may be simple but plays a vital role, and it could have a ripple effect on your business if not handled properly.


  • Utilise the POS (Point of Sale) Inventory System

Inventory is one of the crucial parts of any business. A commendable inventory provides an adequate guide for you and your staff to have a grasp of the raw goods and ingredients to be restocked and what should be brought first because untracked records would often result in inconvenience. When one of the essential ingredients for a particular recipe is lacking, for example, without an inventory, it will not be known and will eventually cause dissatisfaction from customers when they notice that something’s lacking in their dish. However, gone were the days when your staff needs to use a pen and paper to jot down every single item that needs to be done. The hospitality industry had adopted modernization and had a new more effective inventory system.

Through the POS inventory management system, you can have an easier and more convenient multiple sales locations and even track the inventory without your presence. With this, as a business owner, you can cater a faster and more comfortable dining experience to your customers. You can also manage your kitchen better while minimising the probability of human errors.

You can assign one of your restaurant staff to do the work and remind them to put the inventory where everyone can see and access it to aid and avoid inevitable situations that would happen in the workspace.


  • Prepare in Advance

“Preparation is the way for perfection” is a famous saying that must be applied in this industry. It seems that the hospitality business is not exempted from this principle. Restaurants are among the common places where the busiest people can be found. During lunch break or dinner time, when most customers shove over to have a meal, your staff is bustled in their designated tasks.

With preparation, kitchen work can be done faster and much easier. So before the customers flock in, make sure that your kitchen staff had prepared their important tasks from non-cooking activities like sharping knives and rechecking the equipment. Examples of these equipment are the commercial ice maker and glasswasher commercial equipment to the pre-cooking process, including chopping and cutting of raw ingredients.


  • Listen to the Comments, Suggestions and Feedback of Your Employees

There are days that you also need to look at the bigger picture. That can be done by simply considering your staff and customer’s feedback and takeaways. Successful business owners are the best listeners.

When you listen to the comments, suggestions or feedback from other people and employees, you will know what needs to be improved and what should be avoided.

Your workers know every pavement of your kitchen and spent most of their time with it so most likely, they know the different issues that need to be settled. For example, if you have a commercial pot washer or commercial convection oven that do not function well, it’s important to consult and immediate action will be done.


  • Streamline Your Menu

Doing restaurant business nowadays is not what it used to be a few years back. With the help of social media and other online platforms, you can streamline your menus to better understand what dishes are best suited for deliveries and takeout.

With streamlining, you can prevent unnecessary funding. You can also reach a wider audience while at the same time promoting your business.

Having a restaurant business is not a smooth-sailing ride, but you can alleviate your chances of getting what you expected by making your commercial kitchen more efficient. With a better and well-planned kitchen, your staff, customers and especially you as the owner would benefit in a variety of ways possible. Most of all, it promotes a safer, more productive and organised workspace for everyone.


Now that you know that having a commercial kitchen is crucial in any hospitality industry, you might want to call us at 02 9637 3737 or email us at to request a quote for a design that fits your needs.

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